An abstract experiment in Blender aiming for a fractal-like 3D object, emulating the style of David Zerba.

The original render was a simple Blender set-up consisting of only the object, a background plane, and the camera, all rendered out with Cycles. The object was primarily lit by an HDR image (used to produce a more natural global light than just ambient occlusion alone), with a single Blender light placed just left of camera to fill in some dark areas. I no longer have the HDR, which is why the .blend file included in the download has such a skewed color when rendered today. The focal blur was also done in Blender with the virtual camera.

Original Render

The original render

Post processing was done in Photoshop and consisted of a RGB shift, the purples on the side of the image, and the slight shading on the edges to make a very subtle vignette. The RGB shift was simply a stylistic choice, where as the other effects where used to clean up and add to the image, giving the illusion of a more sophisticated lighting setup.

This project is marked as archived. The project page is likely incomplete, most likely due to the original project being created prior to the website. As such, the details may be limited or inaccurate, and downloads may be missing and/or incomplete if I no longer have access to the original source files.

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