Modern HTML to PDF Conversion

After many years of working in traditional design programs like Illustrator, I finally made the jump to designing and writing my resume using web technologies. As interesting as it may be to me, a zip file containing HTML, CSS and images is not a deliverable format. PDF is king, and thus we have to look at converting our webpages to PDF documents.

Running Multiple Atom Profiles

As someone who uses Atom as their main text editor and IDE, I’m a huge fan of Atom’s massive library of packages to extend its functionality. That being said, I don’t need a Python linter to slow down my startup time when I’m editing a text document and I don’t need quick access to a C++ compiler when I’m writing in JavaScript. Thankfully, having specialized Atom profiles for different languages or projects is easily achieved with some light scripting.

Welcome To The Site!

I started this website as a project back in the summer of last year, mostly because I was interested in website design, but also because I wanted a good way to document (and share) my various projects. I originally found that traditional social media didn’t allow for the depth I was looking for, but the squarespace-esque, prebuilt websites didn’t offer the customizability I wanted. The more nitty-gritty way of developing websites was much too involved when it came to simply making something new, discouraging new content from being posted. Jekyll is a fantastic blend of these all, allowing for deep customization while keeping the process of posting something new as frictionless as possible. Though it’s more focused towards blogging, the static site approach also works fantastically for my use case as well.

The Story of the Flat Earth Poster

The Flat Earth Movement has really had some fantastic past couple years. The concept of a flat earth has become much more widespread, and more and more people are claiming to side with the flat-earthers. Unfortunately for everyone else however, I feel as if the supply of jokes for making fun of these people hasn’t grown accordingly to meet the new surge in relevancy.


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