Another skill-dev project, focusing on compositing in Photoshop.

This was another daily; made for the sake of making. I vaguely remember this being another artist emulation, but I cannot remember of whose.

The simplistic text shapes were originally done in Illustrator, just for the ease of working with vectors. The circles were also done in Illustrator simply because I find Illustrator’s creation process more streamlined for simple shapes. The letters mask a slightly tuned abstract watercolor image, whose source I’ve been unable relocate. The background is just a stock image (which, again, I can’t seem to find) with a gradient overlay applied and a very transparent copy of the watercolor pattern.

This project is marked as archived. The project page is likely incomplete, most likely due to the original project being created prior to the website. As such, the details may be limited or inaccurate, and downloads may be missing and/or incomplete if I no longer have access to the original source files.

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