Hey, I’m Eric or @swebra. This is my website dedicated to documenting all my creations and other adventures, good and bad. Enjoy your stay!

More About Me

Since I was about 10 years old, I’ve had an ever-growing interest in design and making that started with digital art. The computer’s undo button nicely complemented my inability to draw, and the vast library of free tools and lessons available on the internet allowed me to explore this curiosity completely independently. This was extremely motivating as a young child; the democratization of knowledge brought by the internet enabled me to explore any topic imaginable, and I did just that. In those early days, I learned tons about photo manipulation, logo design, 3D modeling and animation, visual effects… the list goes on. Some of those interests continue with me today, but I was mostly eager to always be learning something new, so I would often be distracted by a new subject prior to gaining any real proficiency. Other areas where I gained cursory knowledge include video editing, game development, and single-board microprocessors/computers.

Nowadays, I am a soon-to-graduate software engineering student at the University of Alberta continuing to expand my maker tool belt via continued learning in software development, small electronics, Linux, CAD, and 3D printing. Outside the world of computers, I have interests in motorsports, guitar, and workflow optimization.

The Name

swe·bra (/’swibɹɑ/)

Its origin is a short story from my childhood. My youngest sister could not pronounce her Z’s, and therefore often needed help doing up her “swipper,” or would ask why rabbits run in “swig-swags.” When we first went to the zoo, we were rather surprised to see a “swebra,” marking the birth of the name I would later adopt.

The Website

Built with markdown and Jekyll, developed and hosted on GitHub.

Most artwork projects are released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, and most software projects are released under the MIT license. Note that the website as a whole is not (nor can it be) released under such terms or licenses.

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