Paige's Birthday Album

Paige's Birthday Album

Custom album art for a CD jewel case. Ignore the fact that the runtime is too long for a single CD-R.

This project was inspired by Matt Mills’ Receiver Album Art1, using both a similar color pallet and the mountain motif. The background images were originally found on Unsplash but both are so often copied that they are effectively uncredited. The front cover Matterhorn photo has a Wikimedia entry available here, but the back cover photo from Lake Wanaka, NZ is only available here on Unsplash and on other copyright-free curation sites.

The mountains were masked from the sky and then colored using the color replacement adjustment in Photoshop. After measuring the dimensions of a jewel case, I created an approximately to-scale template in Illustrator, and threw in the background images. Afterwards, I added the title and track list text overtop, both of which use Franchise Bold as the font. From there, it was just a matter of printing and folding in order to fit it into an actual case.

  1. Mirror available here. ↩︎

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